Hawaii is one of my happy places!

Every journey begins with the first step…

I’ve been wanting to find a way to document my journey with a desire to help others along the way. I was contemplating a blog, a web page, a podcast, a Facebook group, Instagram… Which platform would help me share my story and help others the most. I love to write so a blog or web page really intrigued me and I also love to talk and thought a podcast would be great because it is easier for people to find the time to listen instead of sit down and read. So I went back and forth trying to figure it out…I just couldn’t decide which media form would work best for me. After months of thinking about it and continuing to walk daily and listen to my Ed Mylett podcasts, I realized I didn’t have to have all the answers. I just had to start!

Let the Adventures Begin

I listen to inspiring people and follow/read a lot of their content and I just want to be able to share all of the awesome things I learn from them with you…my friends! Plus it will remind me about all the awesome things I learn.

In the beginning of this journey, I am going to write about a lot of different topics about all of insights I get from the podcasts, Instagram posts and books. Sometimes I am sad when I’ve finished listening to a podcast because I’m often outside walking and I can’t take notes. They are often full of great info that I want to revisit. I have even listened to some of them more than once because they are that good! My goal is to write at least one post a week and if I can do more, then I definitely will.

I also want to write about things that happen in my life…at home, outside with my family, with my friends…things that might help you and I grow stronger and happier together!

I hope you enjoy following my journey and I hope that through my stories and sharing the insights, you can learn and grow with the goal to live a happier life! I want you to be happier! I believe we are Stronger Together!

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